Monday, August 7, 2017

Gothic Cabinet to Blue Mercury

Last year, Gothic Cabinet Craft closed on Third Avenue in the East Village. As E.V. Grieve noted, this location was its first, "when Theodore Zaharopoulos set up shop on the corner in 1969."

Now it's this.

Blue Mercury: "an iconic high-growth luxury beauty retail chain."


shimmerstwo said...

I guess the only positive thing that can be said is at least it's not another empty storefront

Jesse said...

My desk and bed frame was ordered from that Gothic location. Sad to see them go. Very disappointed with what it was replaced with. One thing about that Gothic location was for whatever reason it was not an inviting looking storefront from the street. However, the staff was very helpful and they sold practical NYC furniture. Much better quality than Ikea for not that much more.

Donnie Moder said...

Always liked the dinasaur painting on that building. Bought a lot of unfinished real wood furniture. No one is into sweat equity anymore.

Joey Blau said...

how many months?